Tubulator 2

Tubulator 2 1.0.9

Tubulator 2 is a desktop application that allows you to search, browse and download videos or music from for example YouTube.


  • Easy to use
  • Built-in search engine


  • Few advanced options

Tubulator 2 is a desktop application for browsing and downloading videos or music from for example YouTube or Vimeo

The application allows you to browse videos/user uploads/favorites/playlists, download as video or audio, and also supports one click batch download of entire user uploads/playlists. Tubulator 2 is extremely easy to use - a download is started by a single click on a video. YouTube, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Vube and Vimeo is supported at the moment, many more services will be added. Optionally you can add downloads to a iTunes playlist automatically (more media players to be supported). MP3 tags are of course added to downloaded files. Other features are: Bookmarks, history, tabbed browsing, pause, resume, bandwidth throttling. Tubulator 2 is a complete rewrite of the original Tubulator application, and runs natively on Windows. Java is no longer required as in the original application. Plugin based architecture - many more services planned. Tubulator 2 is for everyone who likes to keep music and video for offline viewing. Perfect for adding media to your tablet, phone or media player. Tubulator 2 combines an easy browsing, search and one-click download experience along with features found in most web browsers, like bookmarks and history. Existing and new media services are updated/added transparently - no need to update the application itself if a service changes its format.
Tubulator 2


Tubulator 2 1.0.9

User reviews about Tubulator 2

  • chindotse

    by chindotse

    "Just works....."

    A great, easy to use small program yhat does one thing and really well..   More.